Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Power of Facebook

I was driving to work yesterday 05/15/2013 and I heard this really stupid commercial, and it kept going then the commercial said. Get a better truck so your kids don't want to ride the short bus. NOW, see previous post. Pretty sure you might get how that made me feel. I thought maybe I was a little PMS, or just in a bad mood, so I let it go. Well I posted later in the day, after continuing to be bothered by it that I was mad at the add. I got some responses and people wanted the phone number, they wanted to call and complain.

Then, this morning I heard the same darn add AGAIN!! Now I was bothered again, so I know I couldn't blame it on something. I jumped on facebook and posted the phone number. I was overwhelmed by the posts. Long story short the ad has been pulled and Coles Chevrolet of Pocatello is making a donation to the Special Olympics. I felt like I needed to call Daid Service at Coles. I just wanted to tell him how thankful I was. What a great guy. Truly remorsefull for the ad. He took responsibility and wanted to let me know how sorry he was about the ad running. At first, before I talked to him I thought I would have a fight on my hands. I also thought the ad agency should do something. After talking to David he explained how this was able to happen.

I guess the dealership has been running the "wimpy truck" ads. So last month they did the first spot and now this month it's another spot. Well when the ad agency sent the transcript it was just glanced over and not read through in detail. The ad agency put it in, and Coles skimmed the final draft. It's an easy mistake to make. I know I have done it. I know I haven't taken into account all the details and I am sure sometime have offended someone. Here is where the honorable thing comes in. David recognized his mistake, took responsibility for it, and is willing to change it! He has also talked to the agency and they are making a donation to special olympics. My hope for humanity has been restored. Something that could have turned out so negative has turned into a postive for more than just me. Look at the kids that will be able to benefit from some additional support to the special olympics.

Living with Bryan

My heart is very hurt right now. We are in the process of doing genetic testing on Bryan our youngest. He is disabled; what you may ask is the diagnosis? Well that is a question that would take us back to when he was 12 months old and not meeting any milestones. I talked to the Dr. many times (who Bryan happens to be named after). I was concerned, my concerns were addressed and we moved on. Bryan continued to be delayed and it wasn't until about 18 months we received some help. I took my other children in for immunizations and the nurse noticed that Bryan wasn't really walking and talking like a typical 18 month old. She asked me how old he was, what he was doing, and if I talked to our doctor. I answered all the questions; mind you we weren't there for him. She took out a business card, wrote on the back and told me to call ASAP. I did. It was at this time we started into the system. I didn't know it then, but I wish someone would have told me to keep detailed record of who, what, when, why. I have learned that along the way. I wish someone would have told me don't trust the system, they won't tell you the next step. I wish someone would have put me in contact with a support group. I wish, I wish, I wish.....If coulda was shoulda. Now, I know. Now, I tell. Now, I help. We got into the early intervention with speech and occupational therapy. We applied again, and again, and again for medicaid just so we would have some help. Bryan went to early preschool, early speech therapy, and then he turned the miraculous age of 3. Once a child turns 3, they end the early childhood intervention and enter....duh, duh, duh....the "real system". Why is there a difference? Anyway, we began it seems all again. I was so frustrated because doctors couldn't guide us, the school system had no clue how to help outside that system, and some of the early therapists had no idea. It wasn't until he was in private speech, that our therapist Erin guided me into the right directions. I will forever be grateful to Erin. God has a special place for her. I am forever grateful to a neighbor who guided us as well. Along the way we got "little diagnosis"; I'm not downplaying that there is anything as a little diagnosis, but they just couldn't place a finger on what he really had, it was like a bunch of little things that add up to one big thing. I have always in my heart known that there is something out there, we just haven't found it yet. It was last year 2014 that I just wanted to get to the bottom of his diagnosis issue. I wanted to have a definite concrete diagnosis. I talked to his new pediatrician about it, and the referral was sent in. We are seeing a geneticist at Primary Children's Hospital. Dr. Dugan, the geneticist wanted a new neuro psych test on Bryan. We had done one in 2012. We met with Dr. Lawson, the pediatric neuropsychologist yesterday. She stated that we really didn't need a new test, they would use the same testing and the result would be pretty much the same. In 2016 we could do the test again and there would be different  parameters that would be used. She asked if we had filed for SSI (social security income) due to his disability. We had never thought of it before. She said his IQ isn't going to change that much, and he would qualify for it because of his deficit in IQ. She handed us a piece of paper that told us what to take and where to start the process. I am with heart that aches for the future for our son. I ache for the things that he won't be able to do, or will try to do and fail. He doesn't have the reasoning skills to understand some of the things that are happening or will happen. I doesn't mean we will stop hoping for a fulfilling future for him, but you mourn what will not be, and where we are. It's a realization that his IQ isn't going to increase that much to ever be out of the lower percent. It's a realization that we have to get it all laid out in place so that someone is here to take care of him. I love living with Bryan. I love the hugs and kisses, the smiles and the love that abounds in him. He is full of love. Literally, this boy oozes love. He has a purpose. He has the ability to communicate on a much different level that anyone I have ever seen. I look forward to the future, but my heart is still heavy. I know that once we start this next level of paperwork, I will have to keep track and take notes, make appointments, take time off work, and in the process keep in mind the reason we are doing this. Remain happy even though your heart breaks every time you start talking about your child only because it is a constant battle to defend and protect him.

Friday, July 5, 2013

July 5th

It's July 5th, and I don't feel that patriotic. I didn't plant a garden, didn't decorate, didn't buy fireworks, and didn't cordinate my outfit to be red, white and blue. I did make homemade potato salad, and we had hamburgers for dinner. I didn't make a festive dessert, no cool place settings or centerpiece. I think I figured out why I am not patriotic today. I got paid today, so at lunch I think I'll shoot over to JoAnns and see what they have on sale. I am hoping they have some cool July decor. Life has been so busy, and stressful lately. My hubby just found out that he has to call another counselor. That means he will be in another 6 months at least. We were beginning to feel, or maybe I was feeling the light at the end of the tunnel. NOT NOW!! I know in October he is going to police academy for detention, that's 6 weeks he'll be gone. I am just not looking forward to anything lately. All  I want is a big tub of Fat Cats popcorn and a coke. Maybe JoAnns will cheer me up? Happy July, may you be more patriotic than I!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

It's that time of year when we commemorate the sacrifice of our service men, and service women. Unfortunately, I have to work today. I have a bit of time in between patients, did I ever mention I am a great multi tasker? Well, I am. I can do a bunch of stuff at one time. I will answer the phone, work on the computer and smile at onlookers in the waiting room! I am at work, my family is at home and we did nothing special this weekend. I did stay home from church to do some laundry, spray around the house for bugs and watch a documentary on Irish dancing. See, multi tasker all the way! My kids came home and wondered where all the coke went.....not in me for sure, he, he ,he. I look out the window and see the breeze, okay, I'm in Idaho, wind. The sun is shining right now. It looks like it would be a beautiful day. I am stuck inside, working. I have 1 1/2 hours to go, then homebound I go. I  do like seeing all the flags out in everyones yards. I am patriotic that way.

Friday, March 29, 2013


I have a special kid. Well, I have 4 special kids...but one is extra special. His name is Bryan and he can light up any room. He is always "smiley". He has an incredible imagination. He loves to watch netflix. He has the best growl when he plays with his toys. He has big front teeth that show when he smiles (I'm grinning just thinking about him). He gets excited when he gets home to come give me a hug. At Journeys, a facility for special needs kids, the workers beg to "work" with him. I think they play more than work (that is the intent). I haven't met anyone yet who has a problem with Bryan. He is always in a good mood. I have seen him cry a few times, when he can't watch netflix. Bryan has a special way of making you feel special. He loves to snuggle. He comes in and sleeps in my bed in the morning. He comes in around 5 am. He wedges himself between me and the hubby. He says "Mom, can I snuggle witch you?" it is so cute. He climbs in then moves the top half of his body to snuggle with dad and tucks his feet under my leg! You can't ever say Bryan is not loved. He loves to snuggle with his siblings too. If he goes to bed when we are on date night he is sure to be found with a sibling snuggled up.

The problem with Bryan is he wants to drink water from my cup. He knows how to get a cup and drink, but why when mom always has water near her? I think in a creepy way it still a nursing thing, when he was little he nursed, never took a bottle. Well now he never gets a drink by himself, he steals mine. EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!! Another problem with Bryan is he gives wet kisses. He puckers those cute little lips and loves to kiss......but it's wet. I always have to wipe the risiduale spit on my cheek off. The other thing that is a problem is he leaves a trail where ever he is. There is always sure to be toys left around, and you know it's him. The next thing that is wrong, well, don't ever tell him this but when he is being extra cute and nice he will say "Hello my darling" or "Welcome your majesty" or "Excuse me ladies" but when he does this he bends like a little servant bending to his master. It's the cutest thing ever! Ok, another annoyance with the little guy is he loves cookies. He draws them, begs for them, cooks them, always wants me to make them, he shares them, and will even eat the crispy ones left in the jar. I can't believe this kid. When his worker Kristen was pregnant he would draw her pictures of her pregnant being showered with, yup you guessed it, cookies!! IF he ever finds out there is cookies around, kiss them goodbye. This is what a little QT he is.....if he knows there is a cookie and it's dinner time he will eat a partial dinner, then ask for the dang cookie!

Ok, I'll stop baggin on Bryan. This was all done with love and tenderness because it I had put this in a positive tone I would cry (like I am beginning to do right now). I love this little man. He is the biggest joy to us. He truly is the best kid ever. He spreads sunshine around where ever he goes. He love everyone. He has no hate in his being what-so-ever. So when you see a "special needs" kid, know that they really are special. They do things us "normal" people can't. I have a new found appreciation for individuals with special needs. The longer time goes on, the more special Bryan becomes.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Right now, I need to breathe. I feel a little overwhelmed. I am ready about a friends daughter who is battling leukemia, and I cannot believe in the lack of faith I have. Everytime I read the blog, I just think to myself "you need to get on the ball", "look at their faith, you don't have what it takes". I know these are just things satan puts into my mind. I push them out, think positive, and then breathe. I seem to be a little reflective lately. I seem to be overwhelmed with the politics of our country, the downward spiral I feel like it's going...then I must breathe. I get snapped at, at work and want to just scream because people can't multitask! How hard is it? Seriously, then I remember it is a talent that I have. Most people can't do 10 different things at once. I mean, what don't you get when I say I need to take lunches at noon, but you make me late everyday? UGH, then....I breathe. I know I have to go home in 2 hours. I will have to face what is for dinner, who needs help with homework, who needs clean clothes for tomorrow, who's turn is it to shower, is the dog fed, are the horses watered, is my scouting stuff up to date, has my husband made it home, CRAP..what's for dinner, is Bryan back from therapy, is the living room clean for guests, did I request a certain day off, did I pay a bill, Cali needs to go to dance, Cali needs to be picked up, is there a way to get Fat Cats popcorn from Rexburg when I live in Rigby.......then I just take 5 minutes to breathe. I have in the back of my head that we need family pictures, haven't had one since Bryan was 5 months old. Who do I pick for a photographer? Will I look super overweight, will the kids all cordinate? (I haven't even scheduled the photoshoot!!) BEATHE FOR HEAVENS SAKE I really just want to skp home, go to fat cats, get a big extra butter popcorn and be alone. I can leave Cali for John to deal with. I can let the other kids do a "fend for yourself" night for dinner. That is what my kids call it when I don't cook. "mom, what's for dinner or is it "fend for yourself" night?" Yup, I'm the best mom out there.....breathe.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

More the merrier?

Awhile ago I posted about my grey hairs (there was only 2). Now, some months later.....there are a ton more. Either I'm getting older (ya know,I'm timeless), I am stressed out (what working mother isn't?), or I was blind and now I can see (I did have lasik in June). I think it's a combination of both. I either need a haircut so I can't see such grey hairs, or need to dye my hair. I like the color of my hair though. I like being natural and beautiful. I like not having to spend the money for hair dye. CRAP!! Decisions, decisions. Not to mention, I'm 38 this year. I am getting dang close to 40, OH and it's my 20 yr reunion. I need to loose weight, and dye my hair before July. UGGHHH.